The Postgraduate Community

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Academic Services

These are available if you are:

  • finding it difficult to develop and apply solid research and writing  skills to your academic papers
  • not getting the grades you expect even after all your effort
  • desirous of improving your researching and writing skills
  • planning, researching and writing your Masters or Doctorate level dissertation
  • producing a high quality academic paper or dissertation.....


 1) contact me by email - [email protected] and suggest three possible times for the first session. 
 2) when we schedule the first session you pay here by clicking on the paypal button. Fee is US$30 /hour

 3) when payment is received we will agree on  location for session.

The online sessions can be conducted either through the virtual classroom at or through instant messenger or live call at skype. 

Coaching sessions can be one-time sessions as needed or we can create a long-term plan to carry you through your dissertation writing process. 

Proof Reading/Editing

These services can be provided through email. You can also schedule an online session for further discussion and help with the paper.  

Proof reading fees - US$2.50 /page

Editing Fees depend on the level of editing required (light- heavy), and range from US$4.00 - 10.00/page.